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"Serious in its explanations and polemics, accessible and fun in its presentation, and a timely vision of how people might design tech platforms and social norms for a world of commoning."
David Bollier.

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Value Sovereignty, Care Work, Commons and Distributed Cooperative Organizations

The DisCO Manifesto is a deep dive into the world of Distributed Cooperative Organizations. Over its 80 colorful pages, you will read about how DisCOs are a P2P/Commons, cooperative and Feminist Economic alternative to ‍Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (or DAOs). The DisCO Manifesto also includes some background on topics like blockchain, AI, the commons, feminism, cooperatives, cyberpunk, and more.
The chapters

Chapter 1: Rage Against the Machine and Science Friction

How disruptive (or not?) are technologies in social change? The DisCO Manifesto provides a critical overview of blockchain technologies, DAOs and Artificial Intelligence.

Chapter 2: You say Potato, I say Decentralized: Semantics Matter

What are DisCOs, compared to DAOs? Why do we advocate for “distributed” over “decentralized”, and “cooperative” over “autonomous” systems? We explore worrying trends and interests in the blockchain space, techno-determinism and AI (artificial intelligence).

Chapter 3: Last Night A Distributed Cooperative Organization Saved My Life

How have cooperatives and the commons provided important historical precedents for decentralised models? How does DisCO upgrade the seven cooperative principles for the 21st-century?

Chapter 4: Punk Elegance: The Story of Guerrilla Translation and the Guerrilla Media Collective

.DisCO isn’t theory, it emerged from the real experiences of a commons-oriented collective called Guerrilla Translation, later Guerrilla Media Collective (GMC). How does the governance model work, and does this baby scale? Spoiler: that’s not the real question.

Chapter 5: Turn the Beat Around: Community Algorithmic Trusts and Care Oriented Cooperativism

Blockchain, carework, and the human/machine trust spectrum from trustless to trustworthy: our thoughts on how to build a platform that tracks value where value isn’t always recognized. Meet the DisCO CAT.

Chapter 6: Open-Value Co-ops for Radical Workplace Democracy

Let’s get into some revolutionary details: what would radical workplace democracy look like in a DisCO? Inclusive, educational, balanced in culture and structure. Tech enabled, not dependent. Online or offline? On-LIFE!

Chapter 7: The Last Dance: The Future is Unwritten 

Our concept for the future of work is restoration. We believe that the DisCO framework represents a more realistic, socially positive use of the potential of distributed ledger and blockchain technologies, by explicitly including co-ops, commons, feminism, open source communities, the precariat, etc. So, where do we go from here?
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